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Katja Eiblmayr

Brooke is nothing short of perfectly wonderful in regards to all aspects of real estate transactions. I met Brooke when she was the seller’s agent for the first home I bought in West Hollywood. I had fallen in love with the home because of the professional pictures Brooke had taken for her clients. She was a great negotiator, highly professional, and I knew that if I ever wanted to sell, I would hire her. And I did.

Brooke did an amazing job at guiding me through the process of selling my condo. She helped me choose the best staging company and negotiated a good price with them. Her wonderful taste was very helpful. Brooke also had an amazing photographer shoot my condo.

Very importantly, Brooke helped me price my condo well so it would sell for the best price possible. Then she reached out to her impressive and highly extensive network. And thanks to Brooke’s great and beyond amazing work I sold my condo within one week above asking price.

I could not be happier and highly recommend Brooke to everybody looking for L.A.’s best realtor. Asides from all of her professional skills, she is also a very nice person and really pleasant to work with.

Thank you, Brooke, for your great work!